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Chile Passport

Chile Visa

To obtain a Chilean passport the following steps must be fulfilled, and the following documentation must be presented:

Documents for traveling

To do this proceeding the following requirements must be fulfilled:

Passport Fees

Fees are to be paid in Chilean pesos (cash, or cheque made out for "Embajada Britanica"), at the equivalent Consular Exchange Rate of Ch$1,200 = 1,00. (Updated as at July 2004)

All these fees may vary from time to time according to the Consular Exchange Rate. We will keep you duly informed.

Passport 48 pages EEC $82,000
Ordinary passport over 16 years $68,000
Ordinary passport under 16 years $44,000
Amending or extending passport $57,000
Emergency passport $43,000
Attendance outside of office hours $87,000

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