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Djibouti Passport

Djibouti Visa

Entry Requirements : For US citizens only.

A passport, visa, and evidence of yellow-fever vaccination are required. U.S. citizens are encouraged to carry a copy of their U.S. passports with them at all times so that proof of identity and U.S. citizenship are readily available if questioned by local officials. Police occasionally stop travelers on the main roads leading out of the capital to check identity documents.

Djibouti enjoys a stable political climate, thanks in part to the large French military presence based in the country. However, Djibouti's international borders are very porous and lightly patrolled. In particular, Somalia, Djibouti's neighbor to the south, is believed to be a haven for terrorists and other insurgent elements. Continuing instability in Somalia presents the potential for internal unrest in Djibouti, which has a large ethnic Somali population. In addition, neighboring Ethiopia and Eritrea recently concluded a settlement to a long-running border dispute, and neighboring Yemen is pursuing a struggle against potential terrorists. Civil unrest or armed conflict in neighboring countries could disrupt air travel to and from Djibouti or otherwise negatively affect its security situation.

Passport Requirement for Djibouti

Passport valid for six months beyond date of departure required by all.

Countries Passport Visa
British RequiredRequired
Australian RequiredRequired
Canadian RequiredRequired
USA RequiredRequired
OtherEU RequiredRequired
Japanese RequiredRequired

Tourist Information and Embassies

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