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Guam (USA) Passport

Guam (USA) Visa

Restricted entry:

The following are not eligible to receive a USA entry visa:

  1. people afflicted with certain serious communicable diseases or disorders deemed threatening to the property, safety or welfare of others;
  2. anyone who has been arrested (except for very minor driving offences) or who has a criminal record;
  3. narcotics addicts or abusers and drug traffickers;
  4. anyone who has been deported from or denied admission to the USA.
Note: Those who are ineligible may be eligible for a waiver of ineligibility.

Passport Requirement for Guam (USA)

Required by all except 1. US citizens entering Guam from the US mainland or a US territory, provided they hold proof of citizenship and valid photo ID card.

Note: All visitors must now hold a machine-readable passport (MRP).

Countries Passport Visa
British RequiredNo/1
Australian RequiredNo/1
Canadian RequiredRequired
USA 1Not Required
OtherEU RequiredYes/1
Japanese RequiredNo/1


Visa requirements for Guam are the same as for mainland USA; travellers require a visa or, if qualified, may travel visa free under the US Visa Waiver Program. If applying for a visa, application procedures are also the same (see Passport/Visa in US section). However, there is also a Visa Waiver Program specifically for Guam, the regulations for which are printed in this section.

Guam government

Consular Access - US Embassy and Consulates

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