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Nepal Passport

Nepal Visa

Requirements for Nepal Passport

  1. Nepali Passport is valid for Ten Years from the date of issue. It is non-renewable; thereafter passport holders are required to apply for a new passport well within time before expiry, but not earlier than six months validity period. However, in case of accidental damage of the passport or use of all the pages meant for visa, one could apply for new passport any time. Fill the form in Capital Letters.
  2. Affix one photograph with both ears exposed (size 2" x 2") on the designated place in the application form and enclose two for passport. Photographs should not be older than six months. Please do not send big size photo for passport becasue we have ten years validity passsort and needed a special size of photo.
  3. From 13th April, 2004 we have new bank account at the Commerzbank in Berlin, so please, send money by bank transfer Euro 90.00 in the account of Royal Nepalese Embassy at Commerzbank, Berlin Account N0. 2660207 and Bank code N0. 100 400 00, Personal Checks Are Not Accepted.
  4. Send your current passport and its copies of page no. 1, 2 and 3.
  5. Send a self-addressed strong envelope with sufficient postage to return passport. We advise applicants to send prepaid envelope of any kind of express mail to return passport/s. We take no responsibility of any undelivered passport/s because of the insufficient postal charge or a weak envelope to bear up the load. Applicants who are residing in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, should deposit additional money Euro 10.00 at the Commerzbank for the return postal charge.
  6. For inclusion of your child's name in your passport, please include additional Euro 20.00 for each child and provide the following in a separate application addressed to the Embassy:
  7. Those, who marry after arrival in foreign country and wish to include husband's family name in the passport, must submit a marriage certificate with application letter on payment of Euro 20 to the Embassy's bank account.
  8. Any amendment or modification of particulars given in the passport can be made only on payment of Euro 20.00 for each such amendment/modification.
  9. It takes about 2 weeks to issue a new passport after the application is received at the Embassy. In case of emergency, please call the Embassy to process your application at the earliest possible date

Click here to download application form

Additional Requirement In Case Of Loss Of The Old Passport

  1. Report to the local police and ask for an acknowledgment or a counter report as a proof and send it to the Embassy or Consulate General.
  2. Send copies of page no. 1, 2 and 3 of lost passport and copy of visa issued by the concerned Embassy.
  3. Send your original Citizenship Certificate, if not send its copy.
  4. If you don't have copy of the lost passport and citizenship certificate, please specify the number of the lost passport and date and place of issue. In such a case, an indefinite time is required to verify records to issue a new passport if the lost passport was not issued by the Embassy.

Types of Nepali Passport:

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