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Issue of Duplicate Passports (In Lieu Of Lost/Damaged Passports)

Applications for duplicate passport are normally not accepted by mail except with prior approval of the Consular Officer. However, the Applicant may be required to come in person if needed.

Please submit your application with the following documents:

It is important to furnish full, accurate and truthful information in the form. Misrepresentation of facts may entail denial of passport facilities. Applications received with incomplete details will remain unprocessed. A duplicate passport may not be issued for the second loss/damage of passport. Habitual losers of passports will be subject to enquiry.

It normally takes three months in completing the process and duplicate passports can be issued only on receipt of clearances from the concerned authorities in India. Applicants are, therefore, requested to refrain themselves from making written/email/telephone inquiries during this period. In case the passport is required for urgent for private or business travel, please explain the special requirement to the Consular Officer.

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