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US Second Passport

You are only allowed to get a second valid US passport for one of two reasons. One is if your current passport has a stamp from Israel in it and you can submit proof that you are going to a country that will not allow you entry with that stamp. If you do not already have the stamp in your passport but are going to Israel and a country that will deny you entry with an Israel stamp, you must ask the Israel immigration authorities to stamp your entry on a separate sheet of paper. This is a standard practice and will not cause any delays or problems.

The other reason you may be eligible for a second passport is if your current passport is currently at a consulate getting a visa and will not be ready for an emergency trip that has come up. You must show proof such as a receipt that your passport is in a consulate and that it will not be ready for your current trip and you must show proof that you have a trip scheduled.

Also second passports are usually only issued with 2 years validity. You must again show the above proof to renew it for another 2 years.

Due to State Department regulations the passport application must be printed from the State Department's web site. While there are 4 pages of information and a 2 page application, it is recommended that you read all of the pages. This means there are now 2 packets below that must be printed. Because Action Passport is a private service working on your behalf with the State Department, our instructions should be considered supplemental to the US State Department instructions.

Some files may take a minute to open but after the file opens you should print all of the pages and use your browsers back button to return to this page. Also note that while you can print the application off the internet, You cannot fax it.

How Does A second Passport Help?

A 2nd Passport gives us a continuing second option - it is like a global insurance policy that allows us to make use of the disparate parts of two nations (or more) for a better unified set of options - When the doors of opportunity or freedom are shut to one nation either with exchange controls or through sudden emergency emigration legislation to stop the brain drain, or for whatever reason, then only a second passport will save our hide.

In addition even the most casual glance at history demonstrates that a second passport can easily save our life. Those that needed one in a desperate hour may have wished with all their might they had learned about them when they had the opportunity. Those that ignore the lessons of history are bound to repeat the mistakes of history.

Reasons why you are going to wish you had a second passport

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