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Sudan Passport

Sudan Visa

Entry Requirements : for US Citizens only.

Entry Requirements/Registration With Local Police :

A passport and visa are required. Americans citizens should apply for a Sudanese visa in a third country. Visas cannot be obtained in the United States, or at the Sudanese airport, or at the Sudanese border. Travelers must pay an airport departure tax in U.S. dollars or Saudi riyals or, if they have residence permits in Sudan, in Sudanese pounds. The Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Association requires travelers to opposition-held areas of southern Sudan to obtain a travel permit at its office in Nairobi.

Travelers to Sudan are required to register with police headquarters within three days of arrival. Travelers must obtain police permission before moving to another location in Sudan and must register with police within 24 hours of arrival at the new location. These regulations are strictly enforced. Even with proper documentation, travelers in Sudan have been subjected to delays and detention by Sudan's security forces, especially when traveling outside Khartoum. Authorities expect roadblocks to be respected.

Restricted entry :

The Sudanese authorities refuse entry and transit to nationals of Israel and holders of passports that contain visas for Israel (either valid or expired).

Passport Requirement for Sudan

Passport valid for at least six months required by all.

Countries Passport Visa
British RequiredRequired
Australian RequiredRequired
Canadian RequiredRequired
USA RequiredRequired
OtherEU RequiredRequired
Japanese RequiredRequired

Consular Access - US Embassy And Consulates

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