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Fiji Passport

Fiji Visa

The Fiji High Commission in Wellington receives applications from Fiji nationals in New Zealand who wish to renew expired passports or replace lost passports. In exceptional circumstances where a person without a valid passport requires to travel urgently to Fiji,the High Commission may issue a Certificate of Identity in consultation with the Director for Fiji Immigration. Passport application fees are:

Passport application requirements and fees

Passport renewals and replacements are now being processed and issued only in Fiji. In this respect, Fiji passport holders are now required to send their completed applications directly to the address below either by courier or registered mail:

Applicants are to ensure that all relevant sections on their respective application forms are filled in correctly and that their left thumb print and specimen signature are set out properly in the accorded spaces. It is imperative that a person of good standing in the applicant's community, preferably a Notary Public, witnesses the application and the three (3) required photographs for a normal application or six (6) for lost passports, which should be recent.

Further note that fees for passport renewals are F$72.00. Fees for the replacement of stolen or lost passports are F$180.00. For those Fiji nationals applying for replacement passports they are to submit a police report and a local newspaper advertisement notifying the loss of their passport together with their respective application forms.

Application fees must be drawn out in Banker's Draft and made payable to the Director of Immigration. Local bank branches should be able to assist in this respect.

Fiji passport holders must heed that under Fiji's citizenship laws they are forbidden to hold a passport of another country. Therefore, applications by Fiji nationals residing indefinitely in the United Kingdom or in Europe must be accompanied by a letter from the immigration authority of their country of residence which ascertains their not having applied for or obtained a passport of that country.

Download Fiji Passport Application Form

Certificate of Identity

Certificates of Identity (CI) are isued by this Mission to Fiji citizens living or travelling within Europe or the Middle-East whose passports have expired or are lost and need to travel to Fiji urgently.

In this respect, Fiji citizens are advised to always keep their passports valid and to Renew Their Passports Six (6) Before They Expire.

Requirements for an application for a Certificate of Identity:

All Certificates of Identity are returned by registered mail unless otherwise requested. All requests for return courier (FEDEX, UPS, etc.) or express mail must be accompanied by remittance of the appropriate fees or inclusion of prepaid express mail envelopes.

Note :

It is the responsibility of all passport holders to renew or make an application for a new passport upon expiry of the passport, which they are holding. Emergencies happen at any time and persons with passports that have expired for over three months and not renewed should not expect to be issued a certificate of identity overnight or at short notice. Certificates of identity are valid for a year from the date of issue and are not renewable. Moreover, they are issued to an applicant once only. Holders of certificates of identity should make applications to the director of immigration in Fiji for issuance of new passports. In accordance with the provisions of the passport act, no persons may exit Fiji with certificates of identity.

Notes For Guidance In Completing A Fiji Passport Application

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