Saudi Arabia Muqeem Arrival Registration

The Saudi Arabia Muqeem Arrival Registration is an online travel registration that’s obligatory to fill by all incoming foreign trafvellers and Saudi Arabian residents.
The form must be completed within 72 hours of one’s planned arrival in Saudi and not earlier than 72 hours to keep the information up-to-date.
Travellers visiting Saudi with children must register them as dependent companions in the Muqeem Arrival Registration.
The form is easily available online and can be completed within minutes from home using any working device connected to the internet.

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Who needs to complete it?

The Muqeem Arrival Registration is required of every incoming visitor to Saudi Arabia, including foreign travellers and Saudi Arabian residents.
Saudi citizens are exempted from completing the online declaration before crossing the Saudi border.
Children and all underage travellers’ data should be entered into the form by their parents or legal guardians and marked as dependent travellers.

When to apply?

The Muqeem Arrival Registration must be completed within 72 hours of the intended date and time of arrival in Saudi Arabia.
Please note! You cannot start filling out your form earlier than 72 hours from arrival in Saudi.
Such short window of time to complete the declaration ensures that the data provided will be relevant and up-to-date for the Saudi Government.


How to complete the Saudi Arabia Vaccine Registration?

To complete the Saudi Arabia Vaccine Registration, choose your type of Muqeem Registration from six ones available.
Next, complete the online travel declaration with the required data and make sure every piece of information provided is complete.
Once that’s done, cover the service fee using any method of online payment you find most convenient.
The confirmation of the completed Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration will reach your email inbox in PDF form.

Information required

To complete the Muqeem Arrival Registration, you will need to fill out the online form with the following details:

  • Personal information (name, birth date, and nationality)
  • Travel details (way of getting to Saudi, arrival date, flight number, airline name)
  • Passport/Iqama* details
  • Nationality and country of departure
  • Saudi Arabia visa details (if visa is required for your nationality)

Vaccinated travellers must also provide the details of their vaccination status into their online registration.
Not vaccinated travellers must provide the details of their quarantine, i.e., choose the institutional quarantine type (Hotel/Home Shelter) and provide the name of the hotel for the quarantine period.
*Iqama is the Saudi Arabian residence permit, the details of this document are required only of Saudi residents completing the registration.

Saudi Arabia Muqeem Arrival Registration

Covid-19 entry restrictions in Saudi Arabia

After submitting the Saudi Arabia Muqeem Arrival Registration, foreign travellers and Saudi Arabian residents receive an email containing a PDF confirmation of completing the form.
Remember to provide a correct email address when submitting your application online to receive the processed document without any issues.

After submitting the form

The Government of Saudi Arabia has introduced a variety of different safety measures within the country to help keep the Covid-19 situation under control and to keep the general public safe.
One of the implemented measures is the Muqeem Arrival Registration that is required to be completed by every incoming visitor to Saudi Arabia (foreign travellers and Saudi residents).

Travellers should provide a proof of being fully vaccinated, a negative Covid-19 test (either PCR or antigen), and wear masks while in Saudi.
Some visitors may need to self-isolate after arrival (if not fully vaccinated). Proof of recovery is not considered valid by the Saudi Government to help avoid the quarantine period.
Children under the age of 8 are currently exempt from the testing requirement.
It’s worth noting that the Covid-19 entry restrictions in Saudi Arabia may change over time (even rapidly), and therefore, it’s best to check the current requirements a few days before arrival to adhere to the applicable rules and cross the border with no issues.