Q & A

Can I receive an invoice for my e-Visa?

Yes, you can! When making a payment for your application, you will need to tick the appropriate box to indicate your need to receive an invoice. Your invoice will be delivered to your inbox in a PDF format.

How long will it take to get an online visa?

The processing time of each application may differ depending on a selected destination. All applicants must also be aware that all visa applications are at the total discretion of the government of the country to which a visa is issued. Nevertheless, the average processing time takes from several hours to several days. Choose your preferred destination and check the exact time you will need to wait for your e-visa to be approved!

How will I receive an electronic visa?

After your electronic visa has been approved, you will receive an email containing a PDF file with e-Visa. Some countries require a hard copy, so you will need to print it out before your trip. Check if a country you’re traveling to with an e-visa requires its printed version or whether an electronic copy is enough.

How can I cover the fee for my e-Visa?

You can choose one of many available online means of payment and cover the fee for your electronic visa application. Our online services accept, i.a. credit or debit cards, PayPal, SOFORT, and many others.

What should I do if I make a mistake when filling a visa online form?

Any misspelling, typo, or other errors made in an online form can result in rejection of your application. Should you make any mistakes and click the submit button, please contact our support team. Our e-Visa experts will do their utmost to make necessary corrections without any additional costs.

What can I do if my visa application was denied?

Our consultants always double-check every application before sending it further to the governmental authorities to maximize the approval of all visa applications.Should your application happens to fail somehow, we can guarantee your reimbursement. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Service.