Air Suvidha

What is Air Suvidha

The India Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form is an online questionnaire introduced amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, all visitors to India must complete the Air Suvidha before the planned trip. The declaration consists of most essential information, including personal data, travel, health, and flight details. A traveler also needs to provide the travel history from the last 14 days.

The Indian officials did not determine the time when the Air Suvidha must be completed. Nevertheless, an application should be submitted no later than 72 hours prior to the intended arrival or as soon as you possess all the essential information to complete your Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form.

Since the application for Air Suvidha is entirely online, you will just need to have an electronic device connected to the Internet, an active email address, and valid means of online payment.

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Air Suvidha requirements

Necessary Documents

  • negative PCR test report/vaccination certificate
  • valid passport

Technical Requirements

  • a stable Internet connection
  • an active email address
  • phone/PC/laptop/tablet

Applying for Air Suvidha – Application Instruction?

The online application for Air Suvidha consists only of a few steps, including:

  1. Carefully fill out the online form with the necessary details.
  2. Upload the necessary documents (a copy of a valid passport and valid vaccination proof or negative PCR test report taken 72 hours prior to arrival in India).
  3. Pay the processing fee using one of the available methods of online payment.
  4. Refresh your email inbox. The confirmation of the completed Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form will be delivered to your email address in PDF form.

Please remember to double-check all the provided information before sending it for further approval.

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What happens after completing the Air Suvidha Form

Once you complete the Air Suvidha Form correctly, you will receive the confirmation. You can save it on your electronic device, but we advise you also to print it out and carry its paper copy for your planned trip to India! The border officials will check the receipt of Air Suvidha upon your arrival in India.

Information necessary to provide in the Air Suvidha Form

  • Contact Details: email address and phone no.
  • Personal Data: name, surname, gender, date of birth, nationality
  • Flight Information:flight and seat no., first entry airport, country, and city of departure
  • Health Status: yes/no questions related to covid-like symptoms, or other diseases like cancer, diabetes/hypertension, bronchial asthma
  • Travel History: countries visited within the last 2 weeks (14 days)
  • Travel Details: PNR no., arrival date, address of accommodation in India, house no., street/village name, state, city, tehsil name (district), postal code
  • FAQ

    Do I need Air Suvidha?

    Regardless of age, nationality, and immunization status, everyone visiting India must complete the Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. In the case of minor travelers, the application should be completed by their parents or legal guardians. They need a separate Air Suvidha Form since they cannot be just added to the Air Suvidha of the adult travelers.

    When do I need to complete Air Suvidha?

    Even though the Indian authorities did not stipulate the exact time, the Air Suvidha should be completed within 72 hours before the planned arrival in India. If you need to attach the PCR test, it must also be taken 72 hours prior to travel.

    What is the cost of Air Suvidha?

    By using our services to obtain Air Suvidha, you need to cover the processing fee of 34 Euro. The fee is charged for the professional assistance of our consultants, who will handle all the formalities to deliver your Air Suvidha directly to your email inbox.

    How to apply for the Air Suvidha?

    Prepare your electronic device, check the Internet connection, and go to the application form. Provide the necessary details, upload supporting documents (vaccination proof/PCR test result) and cover the processing fee. The confirmation of Air Suvidha will be delivered to your email inbox. Don’t forget to print it out!