Sri Lanka Health Declaration Form

As a protective measure taken against the further spread of new coronavirus cases, Sri Lanka has implemented a Health Declaration Form (also known as a Smart Vaccination Certificate). Foreign travelers who are eligible to enter Sri Lanka, as well as Sri Lankan citizens and residents who return to their home country, must complete the health declaration to pass through border control without any issues.

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General Information about the Sri Lanka Health Declaration Form

The Smart Vaccination Certificate (Sri Lanka Health Declaration Form) is a health declaration mandatory for every incoming traveler to Sri Lanka regardless of vaccination or recovery status. It can be completed entirely online with the use of any electronic device with a stable Internet connection.

Travelers must remember that the Health Declaration Form is not equivalent to a Sri Lanka ETA, which is a separate entry document.

The Sri Lankan Health Declaration Form consists of a few simple questions related to the traveler’s health and travel details.

After completing the declaration and submitting it further, a traveler receives an email with a confirmation.
Sri Lankan health declaration form

Who must complete a Health Declaration Form to Sri Lanka?

All passengers arriving in Sri Lanka must complete a health declaration form before entering this island country. It includes the following categories of travelers:

  • foreign tourists
  • Sri Lankan nationals
  • foreign Sri Lankan residents
  • individuals who travel for humanitarian reasons
  • foreign diplomats and businesspersons

Children are not exempt from the requirement of completing a Sri Lankan Passenger Locator Form. Nevertheless, the form should be completed by their parents or legal guardians.
Every person traveling in a family must have their own health declaration. Underage travel companions cannot be added to the health declaration forms of adult travelers

How to fill out the Health Declaration Form for Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan self-health declaration is available entirely online or upon arrival at the border control in Sri Lanka. However, travelers are highly recommended to complete it before the planned trip so as not to waste time at the airport.
To complete the form online, you need to follow only a few simple steps:

  1. Fill out the online form: enter all required data and make sure that all the information is true and up-to-date. Check it also for errors before submitting it further.
  2. Cover the service fee: use one of the available methods of online payments and pay the fee charged for professional assistance in proceeding with your form.
  3. Refresh your email inbox: go to your email and check if the confirmation of your health declaration was already sent.

Do not forget to save a printed or/and a digital copy of the confirmation of your health declaration. Border officials will ask you to submit it when entering Sri Lanka.

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Information to provide in the Sri Lanka Health Declaration Form

A traveler who wishes to complete the Sri Lanka PLF online needs to provide:

  • basic personal and contact information: name, surname, gender, phone number, email address, etc.
  • a few travel-related details: flight number, passport details, address of booked accommodation in Sri Lanka

Moreover, every traveler needs to answer some coronavirus-related questions, including:

  • if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 recently;
  • if they have coronavirus symptoms.

COVID-19 requirements to enter Sri Lanka

Travelers to Sri Lanka will not be allowed to enter the country if they do not hold insurance with COVID-19 coverage. Fully vaccinated arrivals do not need to undergo a quarantine on arrival or submit a negative PCR or RAT report. Nevertheless, some airlines may still require passengers to present a negative coronavirus test result in order to board a plane.
If you are not fully vaccinated and plan to visit Sri Lanka, you will need to provide a negative PCR test (taken no earlier than 72 hours before departure), or a negative RAT (taken within 48 hours before departure).
Important note: Please remember that entry rules are subject to rapid changes due to the evolving coronavirus situation worldwide. Make sure to get familair with the recent entry requirements before visiting Sri Lanka.