eVisa to UK ( United Kingdom )

Travelling to the UK for countries not participating in the visa waiver program is now easier than one might think. Thanks to the introduction of the electronic visa system, some nationalities can go through an online application quickly to obtain an electronic visa and additionally avoid unnecessary stress related to Embassy visits.

With an eVisa citizens of a few countries can visit the United Kingdom without having to go through so much stress. The UK eVisa is designed to serve business, tourist, medical and transit purposes.

What is eVisa to United Kingdom ( UK)

The UK eVisa is a permit dedicated only to 4 nationalities (citizens of Oman, Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait) who wish to enter the UK for different purposes. The UK authorities implemented this visa policy to provide eligible visitors a more convenient option to obtain an entry permit when travelling to their country.

Serving as a single-entry permit, it gives visitors the option of a 6 month stay when they visit the UK. Since this UK eVisa process can be done online, there is no need to leave the comfort of home to obtain a visa.

Once you have completed the online form, you only have to relax and wait for an approval mail which contains your eVisa in a PDF format.

Holders of eVisa to the UK can:

  • visit family or friends, go for holidays, explore the UK as tourists
  • make a transit stop in the UK on their way to another country
  • make a business-related trip
  • visit the country for medical treatment

How to apply for eVisa to UK ?

Click the ‘Online application form’ button and check it yourself that obtaining a visa authorization has never been this easy! You are only 3 steps away from getting your visa: enter your personal and travel details, pay eVisa fee, and check your email inbox. As simple as that!

Application form for evisa to United Kingdom
Apply online

Enter your passport data and other necessary information

Make payment for evisa to United Kingdom
Make an online payment

Choose one of the available online payment options and cover the fee

Get eVisa to United Kingdom
Check your email address

As soon as your request has been positively processed, e-visa in a PDF file will reach your inbox

United Kingdom eVisa

United Kingdom ( UK) Visa Types

UK Visas can be classified into two major categories namely the Electronic Visa Waiver and the Standard Visitor Visa.
Electronic Visa Waiver (e-Visa)
e-Visa is a single-entry permit for a 6-month stay in the UK. An application for the UK Electronic Visa Waiver can be done entirely online. However, the UK e-Visa is dedicated only to citizens of 4 following countries:

  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • the UAE
  • Oman

Standard Visitor Visa
Standard visa issued as a single-entry authorization for a maximum stay of 6 months. The standard visitor serves as a substitute for travellers who are not eligible to submit an application for the Electronic Visa Waiver.
If you are applying for the standard visitor visa, even if you can complete some steps online, you still have to visit the Visa Application Center in your country.

To sum up, both types are single-entry visas, and if you apply for one, you can stay in the UK for a maximum of six months.

Passenger Locator Form

This document was introduced as an obligation to have when crossing the UK borders. Its aim is to enable easy contact with foreign visitors to inform them about possible quarantine they will need to undergo.
The Form remains valid for 180 days from the date of your entry to the UK.

eVisa to United Kingdom ( UK) Validity

The UK Electronic Visa Waiver allows tourists and other travellers to stay in the UK for a maximum of six months (180 days). A Standard Visitor Visa and the Passenger Locator Form are valid for the same period of time.

eVisa United Kingdom validity

eVisa to United Kingdom ( UK) Requirements

The requirements for UK eVisa are standard ones, so you don’t have to worry about them. All applicants must:

  • prepare and attach required documents described in section: ‘Application Form and Required Documents’
  • have an Internet-accessed working device: to fill out and submit successfully your online application
  • have access to a valid means of online payment: to cover the cost of processing fee
  • apply for the Passenger Locator Form

What do I need ?
Necessary documents:

  • Passport
    Provide your passport data required in the application form.
  • Credit Card
    Prepare your credit card to pay e-Visa fee.
  • Email Address
    Enter your active email address.

Application Form and Required Documents

As stated earlier, applying for eVisa to the United Kingdom can be done entirely online. All you have to do is click the button and fill the application form using your phone, iPad, laptop or any digital device.

It is important to note that the process of application for the UK Electronic Visa Waiver is different from that of the Standard Visitor Visa. To start filling the application for the Electronic Visa Waiver (eVisa), eligible travellers should ensure that they have all required documents ready.

Completing the application for an eVisa to UK can be summarized in three (3) simple steps:

  1. Fill the form online with the required information.
  2. Pay for the processing fee.
  3. Wait for the approval of your eVisa. In the meantime, check your inbox.
  1. The first thing to do while filling this form online is to provide your basic details. When you open the online form, you will see that it is very easy to fill. After providing your basic details, you’ll now have to provide some details of your passport and also the reason for your trip. Even though this application is done online, you should ensure that all details provided are complete and accurate. This is because any incorrect detail could make the approval process delayed.
  2. When you have finished providing the details and get to the payment page, ensure that you can use a valid online method of payment. to cover the processing fee.
  3. After clicking the submission button, just relax and wait for your eVisa to be approved. Once approved, it will be delivered right into your email address.

As stated earlier, before clicking the submit button, ensure that you go over the online form ensuring that all information provided is complete and accurate.


Electronic Visa Waiver (eVisa)

  • a valid passport (valid for at least six months, beginning from the day a visitor plans to enter the UK)
  • information on your travel to the UK (details like entry and exit date)
  • address(es) where you’re going to stay when in the UK
  • eVisa to United Kingdom

    Important information

    Useful information about eVisa to United Kingdom ( UK)

    • Only 4 countries can apply for a UK e-Visa: Oman, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait. Other nationalities must obtain a traditional visa.
    • Make sure to provide correct travel information (entry and exit dates, address of your planned temporary residence in the UK).
    • e-Visa allows a 6-month stay in the UK.
    • Due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, both e-visa holders and those who can enter the UK visa-free must obtain the Passenger Locator Form. Underage travelers should be included in the adult person’s form with whom they will be travelling.
    • The Passenger Locator Form cannot be used as an alternative to a visa. Both documents must be obtained in advance of your trip.
    • Use a valid passport that won’t be expiring anytime soon. Your passport should stay valid for at least six months starting from the day you plan to enter the United Kingdom.
    United Kingdom Visa

    List of eligible countries

    • Kuwait
    • Oman
    • Qatar
    • United Arab Emirates