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Bosnia-Herzegovina Passport

Bosnia-Herzegovina Visa

Passport Information for Bosnia-Herzegovina :

Passport and Visa Requirements: Select the visa type below that best describes your needs to receive step by step instructions, applications, and applicable fees.

Entry Requirements : Valid passport required by all.

A passport is required for travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Everyone entering Bosnia and Herzegovina through an international airport are now required to submit a landing card, one half of which must be retained during the visit and surrendered to passport control upon exit.

Airlines provide travelers with a blank landing card during the flight or upon arrival. Unless the traveler is staying at a hotel, all foreigners must register with the local police within 48 hours of arrival. U.S. citizens planning to remain in Bosnia and Herzegovina for more than three months must obtain a temporary residence permit from the local police having jurisdiction over their place of residence and pay a fee of $50(U.S.) for one 12-month period.

Type of Visit Passport Required
Tourist Yes
Business Yes

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