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Netherlands Antilles Passport

Netherlands Antilles Visa

Passports Required, but not by the following:

  1. Holders of a National Identity Card issued to nationals of Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands & San Marino
  2. Nationals of United States holding:

  3. Nationals of Canada holding:
  4. Holders of a valid National Identity Card by subjects & alien residents of Venezuela & travellers in Venezuela visiting the Netherlands Antilles as tourists
  5. For tourists holding of a valid National Identity Card issued to nationals of Brazil, Mexico & Trinidad & Tobago

Passport Validity : Passports must be valid for intended length of stay

Entry Requirements : For US citizens only.

part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; full autonomy in internal affairs granted in 1954; Dutch Government responsible for defense and foreign affairs A valid U.S. passport or a U.S. birth certificate accompanied by a valid photo identification must be presented. While a U.S. passport is not mandatory, it is recommended since it is more readily recognized as positive proof of citizenship. Tourists may be asked to show onward/return tickets or proof of sufficient funds for their stay. Visitors may enter for two weeks, extendable for 90 days by the Head Office of Immigration.

In an effort to prevent international child abduction, many governments have initiated procedures at entry/exit points. These often include requiring documentary evidence of relationship and permission for the child's travel from the parent(s) or legal guardian not present. Having such documentation on hand, even if not required, may facilitate entry/departure.

Netherlands embassies and foreign embassies

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