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Sri Lanka Passport

Sri Lanka Visa

Issue of A Sri Lanka Passport

  1. The Controller of Immigration and Emigration in Colombo has introduced new series of machine readable passports with facility for the digital transfer of photographs and signature of the holder to prevent photograph substitution with effect from 02.09.96
  2. Application on forms obtainable from the Embassy/Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Los Angeles are processed and forwarded to Colombo every Friday by the Diplomatic bag. Applications not received by Wednesday will be held up for dispatch in the following week.
  3. Controller of Immigration & Emigration takes approximately four to six weeks to issue a new passport.
  4. The overall period of validity of a passport is ten years. When this period of validity is expired a new passport has to be obtained. At the end of five-year period the passport will be extended for the remaining period of five years on request.
  5. Application for a new passport should be made on Form 'K' and the old passport has to be sent along with the application. The fee for a new passport for five years is $70.00, administrative charges $100.00. If the revalidation of the passport was long overdue a late renewal fee at the rate of $3.00 per each year from the date of expiry of the validity of the passport should be paid in addition to the above fees. The fee for new passport in lieu of lost passport is $195, administration charges are $200. Fees should be paid by Cash or Money Orders only. Personal checks will not be accepted. If the return of passport is desired by Express Mail, you may choose any of the following: Federal Express - $16.00 U.S. Postal Express - $10.75 U.S. Postal Registered - $7.00
  6. Those who are residents in the United States for a longer period should provide a letter from the US Immigration & Naturalization Service confirming whether or not they have acquired the US Citizenship. The applicants who are in possession of resident visa should attach a certified copy of the Green Card.
  7. The following instructions are for your guidance when filling form 'K'. Application for a Sri Lanka passport should be filled correctly to assist the Embassy/Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Los Angeles to expedite the issuance of the passport.

Guidance for Completing the Application form

  1. Applications must be made in duplicate and mention the address in the USA and telephone number
  2. Profession, if required to be entered in the passport such request should be accompanied by a letter of proof from the employer indicating your profession.
  3. Completed photo signature card on form IM35(B) with two copies of colour photographs glued on the application and an extra photograph should be funished as specified in the application.
  4. The certificate regarding the applicant on page 2 as well as the photo signature card (Form IM35(B) duly completed my be signed by a Medical Practioner, Solicitor, Company Director, Notary, Professor of a University, or a person of similar status living in the USA.
  5. Children whose names already appear in the passport or whose births have been registered with the Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Los Angeles will be included in either the father's or mother's passport if a request is made to this effect. Please note that names of children cannot be included in the passports of both parents. Requests for inclusion of names of minor children at the time of obtaining a new travel document should be accompanied by three (Unglazed) identical photographs. One copy of the photograph should be attested by the same person who attests the application and the photograph of the parent. Complete the application form for addition of children which is annexed to form 'K'.
  6. The applicant's present passport number should be entered and the declaration should be signed.

All other information should be furnished as required in the application form. When applying for a new passport, please ensure that the following documents are enclosed.

  1. Form 'K'
  2. Photo/Signature Card (IM35B)
  3. Application for addition/deletion of children
  4. Present Sri Lanka passport

Renewal of Passports

  1. Application for renewal or alteration of a passport should be made on form 'O' (application for renewal or alteration of Sri Lanka passport, Emergency Certificate or Identity Certificate).
  2. In the case of passports where all pages are exhausted but still valid, a new passport has to be obtained for which Form 'K' has to be used. Please note that no extra pages can be added to such passports.
  3. The validity of passports which are over ten years from the date of issue cannot be further extended.
  4. Form 'O' should also be used when a person requires an endorsement to:

    1. Renewal of PassportsGet the name changed consequent on marriage (original or the notarized copy of marriage certificate is required).
    2. Change of name (provided the name in the birth certificate has been altered in accordance with the birth registration regulations of Sri Lanka).
    3. Change of signature.
    4. Change in appearance - new photograph to be affixed (two copies required and one should be attested).
    5. Inclusion of the name of a child under 16 years of age. Such requests should be accompanied by one 35mm photograph and one (unglazed) passport size photograph. The passport size photograph should be attested by a Medical Practitioner, Solicitor, Company Director, Notary, or person of similar status living in the United States.

The Consular fees for renewal of a passport are:

Fees for renewal of a passport
One Year $ 3.00
Two Years$ 6.00
Three Years$ 9.00
Four Years$12.00
Five Years$15.00

Note: The Consular fees and mailing charges may be paid by money order made in favor of "Consulate General of Sri Lanka" (personal checks will not be accepted).

Embassy of Sri Lanka in Berlin

Embassy of Sri Lanka in China

Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington D.C

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