What is PassportVisa.org?

Passportvisa.org website enables receiving an online visa to many worldwide destinations. E-visa functions as an entry permit to a given country that can be issued to all travelers eligible for submitting an online application.

Passport VisaUsing this website, you can apply for an obligatory e-Visa permit to different countries recognizing the electronic visa system all over the world. Our support team is at your disposal throughout all stages of your application. Please note that our Agency operates with no association with any official government websites of given countries. Nevertheless, our company functions as a legal entity handling electronic visa authorizations worldwide.

How does it work?

The application process can be completed within less than 15 minutes with the use of any Internet-connected electronic device.
The processing time of your application can take from a few hours to a few business days, depending on the selected destination. However, most often, e-Visas are approved much sooner. After getting approval of your visa request, a PDF file with your e-Visa will be sent to your inbox. You no longer need to wait in long Embassy lines to get your visa in a traditional way. Choose a more convenient alternative and apply for your visa online!

How to apply for e-Visa in 3 easy steps?

To submit an online application, you will need to use any electronic device connected to the Internet. You need to fulfill all the requirements specified for a particular destination and your home country.

After having prepared all the required documents, choose your intended destination and go to the online application form. Next, simply go through the following 3 steps to successfully submit your e-visa application:

Step 1

1.Fill out the online form

Enter your personal details, e-mail address, passport data, purpose of your travel, and other necessary information. Upload supporting documents, if required by a selected country you’re traveling to.

Step 2

2.Pay e-Visa fee

Choosing one of the available forms of online payment, cover the fee for your e-Visa. After registering your payment, go to the last step.

Step 3

3.Refresh your inbox

Once approved, your e-Visa will be immediately delivered to your email provided in the online form. It’s extremely important to provide the correct address so that you can avoid unnecessary delays in receiving your e-Visa in a PDF format.

Choisissez votre destion de voyage :


Armenia eVisa

Armenia e-visa is an online travel permit that stays valid for a definite time period. With e-visa, you can visit Armenia once and stay either 21 or 120 days.

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Australia Visa

Australia e-visa offers two electronic entry permits depending on the applicant’s nationality: ETA and eVisitor. Both types allow the holders to plan even a 3-month trip and enter Australia numerous times.

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Visa Azerbaijan

e-Visa to Azerbaijan was implemented as a system called ASAN visa to make it easier for all eligible visitors from around the world to get a permit for a short-term stay in Azerbaijan.

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Bahamas eVisa

The country’s authorities set up the Bahamas Health Visa program to enable monitoring of risks’ health as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. All those visiting the Bahamas are required to obtain a health visa.

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Bahrain eVisa

Bahrain announced its e-Visa program in 2014 with the aim of offering visitors from certain countries an online application process. It’s no longer necessary to go to a Bahrain diplomatic post to get a visa.

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Visa Bangladesh

A visa application to Bangladesh takes just a few minutes. You can complete your application online and next arrange an appointment with your nearest Bangladeshi embassy and collect your entry permit there.

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eVisa Benin

The online application for a visa to Bahrain was first introduced in 2018. Travelers from all countries around the globe may now receive a visa online and they have to only submit their passports to process the application.

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Brazil Visa

eVisa to Brazil was introduced in 2017 as an alternative to a traditional visa issued at the Embassy. Applicants from eligible countries can obtain a single-entry visa online and plan even a 3-month stay in Brazil!

Not available


Visa Cambodia

Since 2006, it is possible to obtain a visa to Cambodia online thanks to the introduction of e-Visa system. Its aim was to simplify the entire tourist visa application process. There’s no need to visit the Cambodian Embassy anymore!

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Canada eVisa

eTA to Canada is an electronic visa system aimed at facilitating entry to the country by air to all tourists coming from visa-exempt countries. eTA processing time won’t take longer than 3 business days and it costs only 49 Euro.

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Visa Colombia

The Check-MIG Form is a travel authorization that every traveler visiting Colombia needs to obtain 24 hours before crossing the Colombian borders. The Form allows a single entry to the country but it doesn’t replace a visa to Colombia.

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East Africa

Visa East Africa

Tourist Visa to East Africa serves as a joint single-entry permit granted to all citizens coming from certain countries. The application for e-visa can be submitted online without going to an embassy or consulate.

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Egypt Visa

Egyptian e-Visa is issued for those willing to make a business trip to Egypt or visit the country as tourists. The online system was introduced in 2017 in order to facilitate the visa application process.

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eVisa Ethiopia

Ethiopia e-Visa is an online alternative to a regular visa. Ethiopia decided to implement the e-visa system to make the visa application procedure much faster for those eligible travelers who want to explore the country as tourists.

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European Union

Visa European Union

ETIAS is a system of online visas that is planned to be implemented next year. It will function as an authorization granted to the non-European citizens coming from visa-exempt countries willing to enter any European country being a member of the Schengen Area.

Not available


Visa Gabon

e-Visa to Gabon serves as an online authorization to enter the country for medical, business, transit, or tourism reasons. The application can be simply made with the use of an Internet-accessed electronic device from the comfort of your home.

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Visa Georgia

An online visa is a mandatory permit that all foreign travelers need to get before a trip to Georgia. e-Visa to Georgia serves as a long-term and multiple-entry authorization that can be arranged entirely online.

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India eVisa

Since 2014, several dozen of countries can apply for e-visa to India. The introduction of the visa electronic system made it easier to travel to India for business, tourism, or medical reasons.

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Iran Visa

e-Visa to Iran is an online equivalent of a traditional visa that enables a 30-day stay in Iran. All you need is your valid passport and a face photograph to obtain an e-Visa to Iran online without leaving your home.

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Japan eVisa

e-Visa to Japan is planned to be implemented soon to encourage tourists from all over the world to visit the country. With an electronic visa, entering Japan will be way easier.

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eVisa Kenya

e-Visa to Kenya serves as a single-entry permit issued for 3 months for 99 Euro. Those who want to visit Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda can also apply for an East Africa e-Visa, which costs 149 Euro.

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Visa Kuwait

e-Visa to Kuwait is an online alternative to an embassy visa that serves as a single-entry authorization. With e-visa, it’s possible to plan even up to a 90-day tourism-related stay in Kuwait.

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Kyrgyzstan eVisa

Kyrgyzstan e-Visa functions as an online visa issued for tourism purposes. Depending on the selected type, its holder can enter Kyrgyzstan once or a few times and stay either 60 or 90 days. The entire application can be done online.

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Laos Visa

Since 2019, it’s possible to get a visa to Laos online. Applicants from eligible countries only need to fill out and submit an online form from whatever place they are at a given moment.

Apply obline


Visa Lesotho

Traveling to Lesotho has never been so easy! Now, it’s possible to get a visa to Lesotho online by completing only a 3-step intuitive application process.

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Visa Madagascar

Citizens of all countries in the world can get an online visa and make a tourist or a business-related trip to Madagascar. The cost is 79 Euro, and the approved visa is delivered within 72 business hours to the applicant’s inbox.

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Visa Malawi

Travelers to Malawi can now visit the country for medical, transit, business, or tourism reasons with e-Visa. This electronic alternative to a traditional visa is way faster to obtain since an application can be made via the Internet.

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Visa Malaysia

e-Visa to Malaysia is an online authorization issued only to a few countries. A holder of a Malaysian e-visa can make a 30-day tourism-related stay in the country.

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Mexico eVisa

The Mexico Tourist Card is a mandatory authorization that all travelers must obtain online before entering Mexico either by land or air. The card enables a single entrance and a 6-month stay in Mexico.

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eVisa Moldova

Electronic visa to Moldova comes in 7 different types and serves tourism, business and other purposes. You can apply for the Moldovian e-visa that will cover your travel needs best and enter Moldova either once or numerous times.

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Visa Myanmar

Since 2014, visiting Myanmar is much easier than ever. All thanks to the introduction of the electronic travel authorization. Now, it’s no longer necessary to visit the embassy to get a tourist or business visa to Myanmar as the entire application can be done online.

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New Zealand

Visa New Zealand

eTA to New Zealand is an online travel authorization that allows numerous entries to the country as long as the trip is related to tourism, business or transit. eTA is issued for 5 years and the application process can be completed online without visiting any diplomatic post.

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Nigeria eVisa

All citizens traveling from not visa-exempt countries need to obtain a Nigerian visa online. As a next step it is necessary to visit the nearest embassy and collect the approved visa.

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Visa Oman

Electronic visa system has made it way easier to apply and obtain a visa to Oman. Now, all those who want to travel to Oman for business or tourism reasons can arrange the entire application process online with no embassy appointments whatsoever.

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Visa Pakistan

Now, visiting an embassy or consulate to get a visa to Pakistan is no longer necessary as citizens traveling from eligible countries for business or tourism reasons can obtain an e-visa to Pakistan online within 10 days.

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Visa Qatar

e-Visa to Qatar is available for citizens of many countries worldwide. Submitting an online application can take a few minutes and can be done without visiting an embassy.

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Visa Romania

Romanian visa is now available in an online form to citizens of eligible countries. An online application can take only a couple of minutes!

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Visa Russia

All travelers entering Russia are obliged to get a visa. Check if your country is among those eligible for an electronic visa and apply online within minutes.

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Rwanda Visa

Rwanda e-visa means a quick and easy application process with no embassy visits. Passport holders from all countries all over the world can apply for e-visa and plan their trip to Rwanda.

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Saudi Arabia

Visa Saudi Arabia

e-Visa to Saudi Arabia is a quite new development that facilitates the procedure of receiving an entry permit for foreign travelers. You can apply for an e-Visa to the KSA just with a recent photograph and your valid passport.

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Visa Singapore

Singaporean electronic visa is a document that serves as a permit to travel to Singapore. e-Visa can be obtained using any Internet-connected electronic device and the process itself won’t take more than a few minutes.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka eVisa

The entire process of applying for a travel permit to Sri Lanka is done online and the ETA is issued electronically within a maximum of 72 hours of application. The cost per application for each type of ETA is 69 EUR.

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Visa Tajikistan

An online visa to Tajikistan is an authorization functioning as a travel and entry permit. All passport holders coming from e-visa eligible countries can submit an online application without the need to even leave their homes.

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Visa Tanzania

Since 2018 when Tanzania introduced electronic visas, there’s no need to go through the time-consuming procedures to get a visa at an embassy. Now, it’s possible to apply for an e-visa to Tanzania from the comfort of your home or any other place with Internet access.

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Visa Turkey

e-Visa to Turkey is an electronic visa recognized equally as an official traditional visa. Now, applicants can apply for a visa to Turkey online within minutes saving a lot of time and energy.

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USA eVisa

ESTA is an electronic system that enables getting a visa online. Eligible applicants can get a visa to the USA without visiting any diplomatic post. The application can be done within minutes, and the processing fee is only 49 Euro.

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Uganda eVisa

Getting a visa to Uganda has never been so easy! Thanks to an online visa system, an application for a visa can be completed online simply following a few intuitive steps.

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United Arab Emirates

Visa United Arab Emirates

e-Visa to the ZEA is a single-entry permit. Get yours within maximally 3 business days delivered directly to your inbox and don’t bother yourself with embassy visits!

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom eVisa

Travel to the UK for medical, business, tourism or transit reasons with an electronic visa. Choose if you are a citizen of a country that needs to enter the UK with a visa and apply online.

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Visa Uzbekistan

e-Visa to Uzbekistan is a permit allowing its holder to visit Uzbekistan for tourism reasons and stay in the country for up to 1 month. Get your e-visa in 3 easy steps!

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Vietnam Visa

e-Visa to Vietnam is an online authorization that allows you to enter Vietnam one time. It may be obtained entirely online and its cost is 79 Euro.

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Zambia Visa

Majority of countries are allowed to apply for an electronic visa to Zambia. To get e-visa, it’s only necessary to go through a 3-step intuitive application process. Apply online from your home or whatever place!

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Visa Zimbabwe

Now, all eligible foreign travelers can get an e-visa to Zimbabwe within 3 business days. An electronic visa is equally recognised as a regular visa but requires no embassy visits and is delivered to an applicant’s inbox.

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Benefits of using passportvisa.org services

Passportvisa.org will make your trip to whatever place trouble-free with a minimum effort put to receive your e-Visa permit. Completing 3 steps of the intuitive and straightforward application process won’t take you more than 15 minutes, and you can fill out the online form practically from whatever place you are at the given moment.

Other benefits of using our services to get a visa:

  • Support team at your disposal throughout the entire application process, ready to answer any of your visa-related questions.
  • Should your e-Visa request fail to be positively processed, you can expect your money reimbursement in accordance with our Terms of Service.
  • Your application can be completed without the necessity of leaving your home! Just grab your passport, any working electronic device, check your Internet connection and start filling out the e-visa online form.
  • Using an online service to obtain your e-visa will allow you to save plenty of your precious time since the processing of your online application should take only several hours, depending on a particular destination.
  • By applying online, you will avoid additional stress related to numerous Embassy visits and stressful interviews required to obtain a traditional visa.
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Advantages of processing your e-Visa application with our Agency

Services Government passportvisa.org
Constantly available online application
Helpdesk available by phone 24/7
Double-checking of your application form before further submission
Making necessary corrections to avoid delays without any extra costs
Team of visa experts checking the correctness of all the additional information provided
A guarantee of service and privacy
Free edition and adjustment of documents and photos, if needed (Our service accepts photos uploaded in any size and format)
e-Visa in a PDF format delivered directly to your e-mail address
A text message with the information on any failure in delivery of an e-Visa sent to the applicant
Reissuing e-Visa authorization in case of misplacing or loss in inbox
Many forms of online payment used worldwide to pay e-Visa fee