Azerbaijan Visa for Pakistan

The Azerbaijan e-Visa is a single-entry electronic visa issued for all eligible foreigners that would like to enjoy short-term travel. It was introduced in 2017 under the ASAN Visa Program to ease the application procedure and encourage more people to visit Azerbaijan.

Once your Azerbaijan e-Visa is approved, you can travel to Azerbaijan for purposes of tourism, business, and transit. With a valid visa, you can meet with your friends and family, organize a sightseeing tour, or participate in cultural events. It also allows you to conduct business.

The process of the Azerbaijan e-Visa application is effortless – you are only required to complete the registration form with your personal data and travel details, submit the documents necessary for the processing, and make the payment to cover the visa fee.

The authorized Azerbaijan visa online remains effective for 90 days from the issuing date. It allows you to enter Azerbaijan once and spend up to 30 days in the country.

Can Pakistani Citizens Apply Online for Azerbaijan Visa?

The citizens of Pakistan may apply for an online visa to Azerbaijan as long as they meet all the mandatory Azerbaijan visa requirements. The essential visa authorizes them for short-term travel related to leisure and business.

Please, keep in mind that Pakistani nationals who wish to visit Azerbaijan for long-term trips should apply for a regular visa at the nearest Embassy.

Available Azerbaijan Visa Types

As for now, there is only one type of Azerbaijan e-Visa available to Pakistani nationals. The Tourist Visa may be issued online for short-term trips related to tourism, business, or transit. Once approved, it will remain valid for 90 days, allowing you to enjoy holidays in Azerbaijan.

Documents Required for Azerbaijan Visa

The Azerbaijan e-Visa requirements in regard to the nationals of Pakistan are elemental. All you need to proceed with the visa application is a valid passport. It is essential that the scan or the photo of the passport’s bio-data page must be clear and legible.

Remember that your passport should remain valid for at least 6 months from the planned date of arrival in Azerbaijan. Moreover, the passport presented to immigration officers at the selected entry port must be the same document that was used during the application process.

Online Application for Azerbaijan Visa

To proceed with the Azerbaijan e-Visa application, you must ensure you have a working electronic device with a stable Internet connection. This way, you will avoid facing any technical difficulties with the registration procedure.
The Azerbaijan visa application process is effortless and consists of three easy steps:

  • Completing the application form with relevant personal information
  • Uploading the documents required for a successful processing
  • Covering the payment for the mandatory visa fee

As soon as your online visa to Azerbaijan is authorized, you will receive the approval notice to your e-mail address. Therefore, it is highly recommended to regularly check your inbox for new messages on the subject.

Validity Period of Azerbaijan e-Visa

The validity period of the Azerbaijan e-Visa is 90 days. During this time, you may enter the country once and enjoy a stay of up to 30 days. Currently, it is not possible to request a visa extension – if you wish for your travel to last longer, you must issue a new visa.

Processing Time of Azerbaijan e-Visa

The average waiting time for the Azerbaijan Tourist Visa to be approved is around a few working days. You will receive the visa approval notice at your e-mail address when it is authorized. However, the processing time of your Azerbaijan e-Visa may be prolonged at the discretion of the Azerbaijan Government.

Transit Information

If you plan to pass through Azerbaijan while traveling to another destination, you should check if it is essential to have a Transit Visa. Remember that as long as you have a valid passport and an onward travel ticket, you can transit through Azerbaijan visa-free. What is more, you cannot leave the airport’s transit zone.