Can you wear glasses in a passport photo?

Are you currently planning a trip abroad and need to issue a new passport? One of your concerns may be taking the perfect passport photo, especially if you wear glasses! It can be a source of stress and anxiety, but with a few tips, you can take an excellent passport photo that meets all relevant regulations.

Taking a good passport photograph does not have to be a difficult procedure. In this article, you can find everything you should know on the subject of passport application. From adjusting the lighting and preparing the background to ensuring suitable attire and choosing the best poses for the shot, we cover it all!

What is a passport?

A passport is an official document allowing its holder to enjoy international travel. It is issued by the country’s government to eligible applicants, serving as a tool to verify their identity for travel. There are some countries that may enjoy freedom of movement, such as member states of the European Union, while others require a passport from foreign visitors.

The passport stores the most important information about the traveler. In the document, you can find personal data such as the holder’s name and surname, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, and gender. It also includes details regarding visa provisions and expiration dates.

You can easily obtain the permit at the nearest passport office. To proceed with the application procedure, you need a document proving your identity, such as an ID card. You should also have a recent biometric photo matching your current appearance. Remember that you must submit the documents in person.

Can you wear glasses in passport photos?

If you suffer from any eye disease or have problems with your sight, you must wonder if it is allowed to wear glasses in passport photos. After all, glasses can really change how you look. Moreover, they can reflect light and distort your image in the passport picture.

Taking a photo for the passport application, keep in mind that you are forbidden from wearing regular glasses, tinted glasses, or sunglasses. You may require them for your everyday life, but it is essential to take them off for the shot. Reflection in the glasses from any light source could reflect light and distort the final picture, making you unrecognizable.

However, you can wear glasses in passport photos providing you ensure official documents from your doctor. The signed certificate should prove it is crucial for your health that you wear glasses for the picture.

What should a good passport photo look like?

For your passport photo to be accepted by the passport office, it must comply with a few regulations. Taking a good passport photo may seem like a difficult task, but with good preparation, you should have no problems with the procedure.

Your appearance in the passport photo should be formal. It is recommended to wear clothes in neutral colors – avoid busy prints and camouflage patterns. You should also take care of your hairstyle since it cannot cover any part of your face, including your forehead and ears.

Requirements for a passport photo:

Before proceeding with the application, ensure your photograph meets the essential requirements:

  • The passport photo must be taken in color, black and white photos are unacceptable
  • You must face the camera directly, avoid looking to the sides or tilting your head
  • The passport photo must have the measurements of 2×2 inches (or 5×5 cm)
  • You must ensure plain, white background where you don’t cast shadows
  • The passport photo must be recent, not older than 6 months

Important information on passport photo:

What is more, remember that in passport pictures you:

  • cannot wear eyeglasses (unless holding a certificate from a doctor)
  • cannot wear headpieces (unless wearing them for religious reasons)
  • should remain neutral facial expression (do not smile, grin, or frown)
  • should wear clothes that will be fully visible in the picture (so that you do not look naked)

Your passport photo must be of good quality. Pictures where the traveler is unrecognizable (blurred or grained image) will not be accepted for the passport application.

Can I take the passport photo myself?

You can take the passport photo yourself, however, it is highly recommended to visit a professional. If you schedule an appointment with the photographer, you can be sure that your photo will meet all the mandatory requirements and restrictions.

However, if you prefer to take the perfect passport photo from the comfort of your home, ensure good lighting and white background. You can also ask a friend or a family member to help you with capturing the best shot.

What else should I know before applying for a passport?

Before proceeding with the passport application procedure, take into consideration the fact that the rules described above are generalized. Your country may have more restrictive requirements, and the rules are subject to change over time.

Moreover, if you issue a new passport 6 months after the last application (for example, in case of losing your document), you should also take a new photo. Once used in the documentation, your passport photo is valid only for half a year.